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 • Over 13 Years of Internet Advertising Experience 
 • Qualifications by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! 
 • Speaker on the subject of SEO at ad:tech & SMX 
 • SEO Professor at the eComXpo University 
 • Search Engine Strategies Featured SEO Speaker 
 • First Google AdWords Qualified Company in Asia 
 • PPC & SEO Training for hundreds of companies
 • 13年的互联网广告的经验 
 • 获得谷歌(Google), 微软(Microsoft) 和雅虎(Yahoo!) 的资格 
 • 搜索引擎优化主讲人(ad:tech) 
 • 搜索引擎优化教授(eComXpo University) 
 • 搜索引擎策略主讲人 
 • 亚洲第一个谷歌(Google) AdWords的合格公司 
 • 为数百公司提供每次点击付费(PPC) 和搜索引擎优化培训 

 • Berpengalaman Lebih dari 13 Tahun Dalam Periklanan di Internet 
 • Kualifikasi dari Google, Microsoft, dan Yahoo! 
 • Pembicara di ad:tech Dalam Topik SEO 
 • Profesor SEO di eComXpo University 
 • Pembicara SEO Terutama Dalam Strategi Mesin Pencari 
 • Perusahan Pertama di Asia Yang Berkualifikasi Google AdWords 
 • Pelatihan PPC & SEO Untuk Ratusan Perusahaan 

 • Mahigit 13 taong karanasan sa Internet Advertising 
 • Mga kwalipikasyon mula sa Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! 
 • Tagapagsalita sa paksa na SEO sa ad:tech 
 • Guro ng SEO sa The eComXpo University 
 • Kinikilalang tagapagsalita ng SEO tungkol sa Search Engine Strategies 
 • Kauna-unahang kwalipikadong kompanya ng Google AdWords sa Asya 
 • Nagsasagawa ng pagsasanay sa PPC at SEO para sa daan-daang kompanya 

 • Lebih 13 Tahun Pengalaman Pengiklanan Internet 
 • Kelayakan oleh Google, Microsoft dan Yahoo! 
 • Penceramah SEO di ad:tech 
 • Profesor SEO di eComXpo University 
 • Syarikat Google Adwords yang Pertama yang Berkelayakan di Asia 
 • Latihan PPC & SEO untuk beratus Syarikat 

 • Hơn 13 năm kinh nghiệm trong quảng bá trên Internet 
 • Được chứng nhận bởi Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! 
 • Người phát ngôn tại Ad tech 
 • Giáo sư giảng dạy SEO tại eComXpo University 
 • Phát ngôn của tổ chức chuyên quảng bá các chiến lược phát triển công cụ tìm kiếm và website 
 • Công ty đầu tiên về Google AdWords được cấp chứng nhận tại Châu Á 
 • Đào tạo chiến lược PPC & SEO cho hơn một trăm công ty 

 • มีประสบการณ์ทางด้านการทำสื่อโฆษณาบนอินเตอร์เนตมากกว่า 13 ปี 
 • ได้รับการรับรองคุณสมบัติโดย Google, Microsoft และ Yahoo! 
 • ได้รับเชิญเป็นผู้บรรยายในหัวข้อ SEO(การปรับแต่งเว็บไซต์เพื่อให้ติดอันดับต้นๆ ของ Search Engine) ที่ Ad:tech 
 • ดำรงตำแหน่งศาสตร์ตราจารย์ SEO ที่ eComXpro University 
 • ผู้บรรยายหัวข้อ กลยุทธ์การปรับแต่งลักษณะเว็บไซต์สำหรับ SEO 
 • ผ่านการรับรองจาก First Google AdWords Qualified Company ในเอเชีย 
 • เป็นผู้อมรมเรื่อง PPC & SEO ให้กับบริษัทกว่า 100 บริษ 

 • 13年以上ものネット広告経験 
 • Google, Microsoft, さらに Yahoo! からの資格獲得 
 • ad:tech & SMXでのSEO (サーチ・エンジン・オプティマイゼーション) 関連の講演者 
 • eComXpo 大学でのSEO教授 
 • サーチエンジン・ストラテジをフィーチャーするSEO講演者 
 • アジア初のGoogle AdWords認定・資格獲得の会社 
 • 数百に及ぶPPC と SEO 関連のトレーニング 

สตีเฟ่น - Stephen
สตีเฟ่น - Stephen
สตีเฟ่น - Stephen
VC - my business

Mister Venture Capitalist ( aka Mr.VC )

Venture Capital is somewhat a continuation of my advertising agency, as a lot of my work with clients went far beyond just SEO & marketing services. Many clients considered me their business development expert as my experience with 100's of companies has included everything from setting up phone systems, registering companies, bank account, trademarks, domain legal issues, hiring, and even info firing and training of staff. Where in the past I didn't venture into is directly funding the projects, yet my “consultant” role was so critical to their success I should have and now am thinking more long term rather then short term of thinking of a basic salary.

Now I work with companies to not only build on what they already have but help them fund projects, setup and sometimes even manage sustainable growth plans. At the same time I've helped my family and friends grow their dream companies, from what sometimes is a thought over dinner to some business years in the marking. I do enjoy being a VC and I love the marketing side of what I bring. As many venture capitalists simply bring money to the table but what I bring is so much more valuable, as money is easy to find, talent and first hand business knowledge that is willing to be shared is in a lot of ways priceless.

Marketing - my job

Marketing Online & Offline Since 1997 ( media coverage of my marketing )

Domains - my infamy

Some of the Dot's I Own ( not all are live sites )

Collectables - my addiction

My collection is something that has brought back many amazing memories of my childhood and brings a smile to my face each time I look at it. As within my collection of things is almost every toy (New In the Box) that I had growing up and then many things from my travels and things that reflect my business and personal life.

Few of the highlights of my childhood toy collection are: Alf, Lego Light & Sound Police Truck, Marvel Superhero Puzzle, Viewfinder, and Sneak Previews which I give credit to being the first MP4/portable video player. I have several displays of toys around my home including a collection of nearly 1,000 sealed in the box Hot Wheels, full collection of A-Team figures and play-set, most of the McDolands toys from the 80's and the dynamic display of my childhood toys.

One toy that is a highlight of my childhood and many kids before me is the Fisher Price Castle 993 and although being from 1974 I managed to find NIB and was the first "kid" to play with it. But now it sits proudly on a shelf with the king & queen being protected by the knight from the evil pink dragon.

My collection doesn’t stop at the toys from my childhood; also from my youth I have a very large collection of sports cards. As a youth in the 90’s sports cards where the big trend and for me it was primarily hockey cards with some basketball cards. These days I have 1,000’s of unopened packs of cards, and have setup a nice display just as I remember at the card stores. Each time I walk by my unopened boxes it brings a smile to my face and at least once a week I’ll crack open a pack and see what memories it holds.

My card collection goes beyond packs from the 90’s as I have bought some unique cards that are seen around my home. I’ve collected several Wayne Gretzky rookie cards and even more autographed and jersey Wayne Gretzky cards as to me he is the ultimate Canadian sports idol. Not to leave out my other idol, I have a good collection of Michael Jordan cards, everything from his rookie card, jersey cards to a #1 edition of his famous 30,000 point card. Other cards that are noteworthy in my collection would be:

1) The first hockey card ever made, this card comes from 1910 when sports cards were starting to be introduced and while not a major superstar "Frank Patrick" holds the historic record of being the first person to become a hockey card.

2) During my search for the first hockey card made I found the first basketball card, this also being from 1910 it was a unique card as being a redemption only card its not often found. While this card was just showcasing basketball in general it would take another 26 years before the first basketball player would be printed on a card and yes I also have that #1 card from 1936.

3) Not all my cards are sports cards, 2 of my cards that I have a lot of admiration for are the first Superman and first Batman cards. Both these cards are from the 1940's and show the passion the youth had for these idols. One interesting thing is that on the Batman card, they use the name "The Batman" instead of just "Batman" as I guess early on his name had adopted using “The”.

4) Yes Wayne Gretzky is to me the ultimate Canadian sports idol, I don’t ignore the fact that Sidney Crosby is an important part of Canadian sports. So I have also a very nice collection of autograph cards from Sidney Crosby, everything from an Olympic autographed card to a #99 edition autographed card, my personal homage to Gretzky.

Sports cards were my focus as a youth but like all other boys of the 80s and 90s comics where always apart of my life. Now for me as a youth comics where nothing more then entertainment but now as an adult I have taken into the collectable side of comics. This has seen me buy out at least 1 comic book store (giving me a 30,000+ comic collection) and has seen me investing in the enjoyment and maybe one-day the profit from high value first edition comics.

Most of my 30,000+ comic collection is from the late 80s and early 90s, which for me is great as it brings back memories and was a time when they where making all the Superhero greats, but there isn’t much value in those as it was simply overprinted and over collected. But for the value side of my comic collection I have been slowly buying a nice array of comics that includes:

1) Funnies on Parade #1 (first comic book ever made)

2) Wonder Woman #1

3) Spiderman #1

4) X-Men #1

5) The Hulk #1

6) Fantastic Four #1

7) Worlds Best Comics #1

8) Walt Disney Comics #1

9) Justice League of America #1

10) The Avengers #1

11) Daredevil #1

12) Other comics within this prized collection which will be on their way out to new collectors are: Superman Annual #1, Joker #1, Iron Man #1, Wolverine #1, Silver Surfer #1, Ghost Rider #1, and Conan #1.

But I have also moved past my youth and into a more modern/adult style collectables that has includes items that make people refer to me as a "big kid" and goes on to include collectables from my travels and some very random items that just simply to me are uniquely cool.

Cars - my hobby

What's in My Garage ( past & present )

More then a Hobby

Either it be racing on a closed track, cruising down the highway or simply in bumper to bumper traffic I really do enjoy being behind the wheel. While I never have had a massive investment into the stereo system, I have always had various levels of investment into the performance side. As early on I focused on buying cheaper cars and putting the money into upgrades, but these days I am more then happy to start with a finely tuned car and make smaller teaks to make it uniquely mine.

I've been know to sponsor some race cars and while I am not a professional racer I have taken part in various rallies and Solo I & Solo II competitions around the world. The biggest event I entered was the Cannonball Run and it was truly amazing in not only the cars but the people that entered. I didn't "win" the event but I did get a podium finish and I did get a nice article written about me in Car and Driver Magazine ( see photo ). Future events all depend on timing as work and life seem to be against me getting out and playing on the track.

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SEO - my talent

Search Engine Optimization ( sample of my past projects )

Travel - my passion

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